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Leather: 4 x 6 Cover with Strap for 3 x 5 Wirebound Insert or Passport cover calendar cover planner refill agenda pocket planner  wedding gift ideas gifts

Leather: Hand Crafted 4" x 6" Passport or Planner Cover with Strap

$ 37.95

Leather: 4" x 6" Cover with Strap for 3" x 5" Wirebound Insert or Passport 

This unique piece is a multifunctional cover that can be used as a cover for your 3 x 5 calendar, address book, or journal, or it can be used as a passport cover. Includes front and back pockets to insert two items at the same time. Also includes two credit/business card holders.  Leather strap and loop closure design keeps your items secure. 

These distressed leather covers only get better with time. With hand sewn and cut leather, this cover is sure to be the perfect gift.

Wider binding accommodates both calendar and address books simultaneously.

Compatible with: MW35W, MA35W, MWA35W, Passports

Helpful Tip! Use as a travel journal/passport cover combo.


Made in the USA!

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